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Can We Grow Weed on Mars?

The idea of growing weed on Mars has gone from science fiction to a potential reality in recent years, as a variety of startups, tech companies, and space agencies have announced plans to establish colonies on the Red Planet. But can we actually grow weed on Mars?

Unfortunately, growing weed on Mars is not currently possible. The atmosphere on Mars is not suitable for the growth of the marijuana plant, and the environment would not provide enough light, water, and other resources to support the plant. Therefore, the answer is technically no, we can not grow weed on Mars.

However, scientists have begun researching ways to grow plants in simulated Martian conditions, using artificial light and an appropriate nutrient supply.

Resources are tight with what is able to be sent to the Red Plant at the moment, so we don't have any tests for cannabis done on the surface yet (or even human contact), but with the announcement of major beer company Anheuser-Busch planning to send beer to Mars, cannabis is sure to be right behind it.

I'd like to imagine that by the time we are able to buy that one-way ticket to our new Mars home, we can be confident in knowing that when we get there, some super sticky-icky strain of Martian Weed will be waiting for us at the dispensary, possibly even made by us.


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