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Cannabis, Pop Culture, & it's Holidays

Cannabis and pop culture have a relationship that keeps improving over the years. Pop culture has played a massive role in de-stigmatizing cannabis and creating a safe space for users. In addition, hip-hop songs, movies, and sitcoms have been excellent tools for promoting and advocating for the use of cannabis. Not just for its medicinal but its recreational benefits as well. This article discusses cannabis and pop culture, and the current holidays.

War On Drugs And The Road To The Destigmatization Of Cannabis

In 1969, approximately 400,000 people attended the Woodstock Festival. There was art, music, and many drugs, including cannabis. 1972 saw the birth of one of the pioneer events celebrating cannabis, the Michigan Hash Bash. In 1974, Thomas King Forcade founded High Times, the famous cannabis publication. Four years later, “Up in Smoke,” a movie celebrating cannabis, premiered. These events promoted the fight against America’s War on Drugs, targeting minority communities.

In the 1990s, the Ungrateful Dead made 4/20 famous. Then, other movies celebrating cannabis like “The Big Lebowski” and “Dazed and Confused” premiered. Dr. Dre also released an album titled after the cannabis plant.

Should Cannabis Be Legal?

In 1996, California created the medical marijuana program. Some advocates say the potential health rewards far outweigh the potential risks of legalizing marijuana for medical use. For many users, marijuana is simply another natural health option with far less risk than conventional drugs.

Does Cannabis Impair Judgment?

Impairment from marijuana varies with THC concentration or dose, route of administration, and users’ experience with, or tolerance to the drug. Since marijuana is stored in the fatty tissue, it can be detected through drug testing several days or weeks – long after the individual has stopped experiencing any physiological effects and impaired functioning. The THC levels that create impairment are not well understood and according to the NIDA, there is wide variability in how THC is metabolized by frequent users versus infrequent users which makes interpretation of a positive urine drug test a challenge.

Current Holidays

CBD Day, February 1st

It is an important holiday because it celebrates cannabidiol (CBD). It is a critical cannabinoid that promises a bright future for improving medical cannabis and our lives. In addition, this day marks the ongoing fight for nationwide legalization and the spread of accessible information within medical and recreational communities.

420 (pronounced four-twenty), April 20th

It is the most popular cannabis holiday in the U.S. 420 celebrates the fight for the legalization of cannabis everywhere in the U.S. It also refers to the need for accessible information about recreational and medical marijuana in their respective communities.

Jack Herer’s Birthday, June 18th

Jack Herer was arguably one of the most devoted activists and authors in the fight to highlight the benefits of cannabis and erase harmful myths surrounding it. Sense Seeds even grows a cannabis strain called Jack Herer in his honor.

Oils and Concentrates Day, July 10th

On this day every year, cannabis users celebrate the advancement in cannabis oils and concentrate. In addition, we celebrate the multiple ways we can use them depending on the need.

Commemorating The Victims Of Prohibition, October 5th

We celebrate the lives of those who risked their freedom to get the right to grow cannabis and consume it. These are the heroes of the cannabis world.

Legalization Day, November 6th

On this day in 2012, the states of Washington and Colorado passed laws recognizing cannabis as a regulated industry in the U.S. These laws paved the way for others in the recreational marijuana industry.

There's no doubt that Cannabis is becoming more and more intertwined with modern society, giving way to new opportunities in the industry and opening more doors for cannabis to showcase its unique versatility in other major industries.


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