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Get to Know Your Temperature!

Marijuana gets smoked a lot! Marijuana culture gravitates towards the pipe. To be fair, Marijuana is also frequently infused into foods. The manner in which one consumes Cannabis that is high in THC and the manner in which one consumes Cannabis (Hemp) that is high in another Cannabinoid, can be wildly customizable!

Fire without F-i-r-e

We do know that “burned” Marijuana is euphoric and intoxicating. What you may not know is that applying heat releases other cannabinoids into the air.

When I see a Cannabis consumer using a torch (normally used for welding & plumbing) to incinerate the flower in a heady glass piece. In my mind's eye I see: Jason Bateman disposing of a body in his crematorium. Much like the “end” for “missing” business partners in the Ozarks …thousands of degree torches are where Cannabinoids go, to, die.

The 60s and 70s were the eras of the joint. From then, until now, patients are exploring every possible manner of consuming Cannabis. Smoking Cannabis is a crude, simple manner of medicating. For most people, it works! Albeit doesn’t get much simpler than eating it. Smoked Cannabis, although simple and convenient doesn’t do much to preserve the effectiveness of Cannabinoids at a lower temperature!

It makes sense! What is your favorite meal? Does it still sound just as appealing after a trip to the inside of a volcano? How about Bateman's crematorium? Pizza, probably one of the most universally palatable foods is destroyed when burned black. Smoked Cannabis is where Cannabinoids go to die.

Where it begins

When you boil a pot of water on the stove tiny physical changes begin, immediately. When heat is applied to water molecules bounce around. Slowly at first and then faster and faster.

Before long the water starts to boil and actually changes form from a liquid to a gas. Cannabis molecules start to “feel” the effects of heat application almost immediately as well.

300 - Vapor from this temperature is sweet like candy. Candy Jack, Cotton Candy or other favorite flavors really hammer the taste buds at these lower temps. Cannabis vapor at 300F is the sweetest and most palatable vapor. The vapor is light and barely visible. It is less effective for pain relief. I find temperature like this to be valuable for nausea, antidepressant, asthma, or privacy (the lower the temperature, the more likely your session will stay anonymous) Not potent.

315 - THC begins to boil. The vapor looks like an open freezer door, in hot August. This is a good temperature to begin treating persistent nausea. It is very tolerable. Just like 300, the Cannabis terpenes remain quite sweet and palatable.

Pinene terpenes become active here. Morning medicators, take a deep breath of a-pinene in the 3 teens and enjoy deep healthful breathing and fresh breath.

330 - CBD and Myrcene make it out to play at 330-CBD uses are endless! Pain, sleep, seizures can respond to activated CBD.

350 - This is where the new kid on the block Delta 8 comes out to play. Pain relief, anti-anxiety, neuroprotective. Terpenes like Limonene shine at this temperature.

365 - Many patients love 365 for its ability to send CBN from its hiding place. Insomnia, spastic muscles, and potent pain relief. Consider this temperature for chronic, quality of life impediments.

380 - Things start to get steamy, and a Cannabinoid called CBE is activated. CBE is the abbreviated form of Cannabielsoin which appears at the metabolizing point of CBD. Linalool is also coming out in force at this temperature. Sedating, calm, sleepy. Sore or spastic muscles could benefit from temperatures around 380.

400-430 Is when the Cannabis Crematorium starts to warm up. Right around the 390s, some toxic gases start to mix with all the good stuff. Benzenes and hydrocarbons come out at 390s and stick around/evolve as temperatures increase. Some patients require high heat Cannabis use that helps unlock THCV and CBC. THCV and CBC, when combined with Cannabinoids at a lower temperature coordinate for a therapeutic “team effort”. This “team effort” is referred to in the Cannabis Community as the “Entourage Effect”.

Get Out What You Put In

Keep in mind the reasons you use Cannabis. Information is power! Knowing your reason, combined with the temperature that exposes your target cannabinoid can improve the whole experience. Practical use of information on Cannabis temperature can be worth its weight in gold. For instance, when I am suffering from mild asthma, I prefer to use Cannabis at a lower temperature. Dialing in temperature, along with strain, method, terpenes, or other variables can be like cracking a code to lively, daily, living.


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