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How do Cannabis Strains Get Their Names?

Cannabis is a complex plant species with many diverse and unique varieties. As with any other plant, cannabis strains are classified and organized based on their genetics and characteristics, and as such each strain has a unique name. But how do these naming conventions come about?

When it comes to cannabis, most of the names used for different strains are actually cultivar names. A cultivar is a plant variety produced in cultivation through intentional selection. This process consists of selecting certain plants and propagating their genetic traits so that the traits are repeated in subsequent generations. These unique varieties have unique characteristics such as aroma, flavor, growth habit, and other traits that can be beneficial in their respective uses.

Because of the specific characteristics of different cannabis cultivars, they can become known informally by their users, growers, and breeders when discussing their distinct characteristics. These informal names can vary widely, depending on the individual referring to the particular strain. Over time, certain informal names can become so popular that they are formally adopted and used as the official name for the strain.

In addition to informal monikers, cannabis strains can also get their names from their breeders. Many breeders have their own company and want to promote the strains they’ve created by giving them clever or descriptive names. Examples of this type of naming convention include strains like White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, and Jack Herer.


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