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Is Cannabis Safe For Pets?

Short answer, no (we'll break it down more, don't worry)

Although cannabis can be used to treat certain conditions in humans, there is no scientific evidence that cannabis is safe or effective as a treatment for any condition in pets. The ingestion of cannabis or cannabis products in animals can cause serious harm, including death. It is important to consult a veterinarian before giving any potentially toxic substance, including cannabis, to a pet.

Do cannabis companies make products specifically for pets?

Yes, many cannabis companies make products specifically designed for pets. These products are usually hemp-based and contain either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil. They can be used to help calm anxious pets and reduce inflammation.

How do cannabis companies make products safe for pets?

Companies make cannabis products for pets safe by sourcing high-quality, organic ingredients, using only THC-free extracts, and closely monitoring the production process and laboratory testing results. They also focus on preparing products that offer exact dosages for different pets and pay special attention to their individual needs. Lastly, many provide veterinary consultations and ongoing customer support, so that each pet owner can safely and effectively monitor their pet's progress when using cannabis-based pet products.

So in summary, it would seem the cannabis products we humans know and love just aren't the same kind our pets will know and love but that's ok! The industry is still growing and the future is bright for what it can provide for our favorite animal companions!


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