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Nano-CBD, the Future of CBD?

Updated: Jan 12

a scientist in a full protective suit working in front of a digital microscope

Nano-CBD is trending online. If you've searched CBD Oil online in the last few months, it's likely that you've come across an increasing amount of Nano-CBD products in stores. Top Shelf Hemp Co. is here to separate science-fiction from reality.

What Is Nano CBD?

Nano-CBD is an emulsion of CBD and a carrier oil, typically a small lipid, and flavoring. The CBD Oil is suspended at the molecular level by the carrier oil. It's designed to help CBD enter the body in a more efficient manner by making the digestive system absorb the carrier oil covering the CBD before breaking down the CDB molecules themselves. Nano-CBD may sound complex, in reality, it's about as scientifically advanced as a salad dressing.

Don't be fooled by the technical jargon. Below we'll explain in detail how Nano-CBD works, its benefits, drawbacks, if it's worth it, and how to find the best Nano-CBD on the market for yourself.

What Does "Nano" Mean?

Nano - a combining form with the meaning “very small, minute,” used in the formation of compound words; in the names of units of measure it has the specific sense, as defined by

In everyday terms, it means that companies producing Nano-CBD are working with extremely small things, and measuring size at scales less than 100 nanometers or 0.00000001 meters.

As the CBD industry is unregulated, the term "nano" is used frequently to describe much larger things. A marketing tactic employed because "nano" brings to mind technological advancement.

To help visualize CBD at the molecular level, think of a container of sprinkles. Most of the sprinkles represent the carrier oil. There is a much smaller amount of CBD sprinkles mixed inside the container. They are mostly hidden inside the container with very little visible on the surface. We've all heard the saying that water and oil don't mix. Your mouth and digestive tract are coated in moisture. Due to their polar charges, the water repels the CBD molecules. When CBD oil is swallowed it tends to stay in droplets, with most of the CBD molecules in the center of each drop, until fully digested.

How Does Nano CBD Oil Work?

Sometimes you need to look to the past or outside your field to innovate. Is there a way to get water and oil to mix? The answer is yes. Nano-CBD producers use an old culinary technique.

The emulsification process is a simple one. Natural ingredients include honey, mustard, or egg yolks. Whipping one of these ingredients with carrier and CBD oils creates a stable suspension of evenly distributed CBD molecules and additional ingredients known as an emulsion. Emulsifiers coat the CBD at a molecular level. This prevents the CBD from forming larger droplets and merging or separating from the water in the mixture

Nano-CBD products, such as Nano-CBD oil and Nano-CBD water, usually contain CBD oil, water, and other ingredients that help stabilize this emulsion. One common Nano-CBD ingredient is lecithin or "phospholipids". Lecithin is sourced from either egg yolk or soy.

Nano-CBD Benefits

In the simplest of terms, the only reason you might try Nano-CBD is to increase the amount of CBD reaching your bloodstream. This is achieved in two ways.

Increased Surface Area

By suspending CBD in an emulsion, the body is free to act on each molecule from 360 degrees. This increases surface contact with the body's enzymes and absorptive tissues. The liver will produce its own emulsion in the liver by combining bile salts with CBD Oil. However, digesting a pre-emulsified CBD oil in your mouth could help the body absorb the CBD molecule at earlier stages of digestion.

Penetration Enhancement

Nano-CBD also commonly contains ingredients that can increase the movement of CBD molecules across skin tissues and mucous membranes. These "penetration enhancers" include ethanol, propylene, and glycol. These chemicals also coat the CBD oil and enhance the permeation of tissues.

Nano-CBD Risks & Side Effects

While Nano-CBD can accelerate the rate of absorption and deliver higher levels of CBD into the bloodstream, there are two important concerns to take into consideration before consuming Nano-CBD.

Added Chemicals

Nano-CBD is produced with chemicals you may not want in your body. As an example, propylene glycol is a common allergen. Each CBD molecule is covered with these ingredients. While each company may use different chemicals to create their Nano-CBD, it's important to understand each component and its effect on your body. If you're unsure, it's best to seek the counsel of a medical professional.


At this time, with the CBD market being unregulated, the Nano-CBD market is full of fraudulent products and misinformation. These companies tend to use scientific language as a distraction. If you can't understand what is being said, it's most likely intentional. Due diligence is the key here.

Is Nano CBD Oil Worth It?

With all of the information provided for you above and if you're still drawn to Nano-CBD, you might consider trying it for yourself. Many of the benefits Nano-CBD products admonish can be found in other more cost-effective CBD products. Here are 4 popular reasons people consider taking Nano-CBD.

First-time Buyer

You might want to consider establishing a baseline with a high-quality CBD oil on its own. From there you will have a better understanding of how CBD impacts your body, and if it's worth pursuing an enhanced version.


Whether purchasing Nano-CBD or natural CBD oil, it's important to verify that the product comes from a reputable company. In a minimally regulated industry full of hype, it's easy to find yourself with an inferior product.


Here are a few tips for increasing the effectiveness of CBD oil. Eat a meal including healthy fats. Swish CBD oil around your mouth for a few minutes before swallowing. Consider taking your CBD oil with a natural emulsifier like honey.

Are you buying your first CBD product and just stumbled on nano CBD? You might want to start simple and try a high-quality CBD oil on its own. You can use that as a baseline to see how — or even if — you would want to improve that experience.


You already enjoy the benefits of CBD oil and are ready to try something new. Make sure to research your options. A company that treats you like an intelligent adult and prioritizes your safety is what you're after.

Tips for Choosing the Best Nano-CBD Products

Ignore the Hype

The most important ingredient in Nano-CBD is the CBD itself. Using high-quality, organic, full, or broad-spectrum hemp extract in a product is crucial. You should know where and how their hemp is grown. It's not uncommon for low-quality CBD to end up in Nano-CBD products.

Understand the Ingredients

If you don't understand the ingredients walk away. The main ingredients should be water, CBD oil, and a handful of other ingredients. The more chemicals on the list the more flags this should raise. Nano-CBD is not an ingrediant. If the main ingredient is simply oil, it is not a nano-emulsified CBD product.

3rd Party Lab Reports

Every CBD company is required to test its products. 3rd party lab reports, known as certificates of analysis (COAs) should be readily available to the consumer. Seeking out COAs helps cut through the scientific and marketing jargon.


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