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THC-O Enhanced ∆8 Infused Hemp Flower - Top Shelf Hemp Co. Product Profile

THC-O was discovered sometime in the last 80 years years ago. There's not a lot of research on THC-O just yet, though things are looking promising. It's 3 times as potent as ∆9 THC and offers a unique psychedelic effect. The full effect takes between 20-30 minutes.

Our ∆8 Infused Flower enhanced with THC-O is a unique experience. One we all can enjoy. With 3 flavor profiles, there's an option for everyone.

Tangerine Dream

This strain may reduce pain and increase energy. It was crafted to meet the demands of medical patients. Uplifting and euphoric, it offers mental clarity while deeply relaxing muscles.

Northern Lights

This sweet and spicy bud provides relaxing, euphoric effects and tends to root out stress.

Sour Diesel

The strain gets its name from its pungent, gas-like aroma and the strong, sour flavor when inhaled. Known for producing an energetic, euphoric feeling that can boost energy levels and improve mood in moments.


For more information, click this link to go directly to the Top Shelf Hemp Co. store, click here.

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