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Top 4 DIY Dabbing Methods: Crafting Your Dab Experience Safely

Dabbing doesn't always require high-end equipment. For those who enjoy a hands-on approach, here are five DIY dabbing methods that allow you to craft your dabbing experience with household items. Remember to prioritize safety throughout these creative endeavors.

two knifes sitting on a red hot stove element

1. Hot Knifing:

  • Materials Needed: Two metal knives, a heat source (stove or torch), and a flat, heat-resistant surface.

  • Procedure: Heat the knives until they're red-hot, place a small dab of concentrate on one knife, and press the second knife on top, inhaling the vapor through a makeshift funnel or directly.

a glass straw against a white background

2. Glass Straw or Tube:

  • Materials Needed: A glass drinking straw or tube, a heat source (torch or candle), and a dab tool.

  • Procedure: Heat one end of the glass straw or tube until it's hot enough to vaporize concentrate. Use the dab tool to apply concentrates to the heated end and inhale from the other.

3. DIY E-Nail:

  • Materials Needed: A PID controller, a heating coil, a thermocouple, and a heat-resistant surface. (depicted also shows a solid state relay)

  • Procedure: Assemble the PID controller and heating coil according to instructions. Attach the coil to a metal surface, like a nail or flat piece, creating a DIY e-nail. Connect the thermocouple to monitor temperature.

a hand holding a syringe filling cartridges

4. Vape Pen Conversion:

  • Materials Needed: An empty vape pen cartridge, concentrate, and a heat source (lighter or torch).

  • Procedure: Remove the mouthpiece and fill the empty cartridge with concentrate. Apply heat to the cartridge to melt the concentrate into the wick. Reattach the mouthpiece and use the pen as a makeshift dab pen.

DIY dabbing methods can offer a unique and resourceful way to enjoy concentrates. However, safety is paramount. Exercise caution, prioritize proper ventilation, and be aware of the potential risks associated with makeshift methods. Always aim for safe, responsible dabbing experiences, and consider investing in proper equipment for a more controlled and secure environment.


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