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Top 5 Cannabis Festivals

Spannabis 2024 poster

Spannabis - Barcelona, Spain:

One of Europe's largest cannabis trade shows, Spannabis, attracts enthusiasts, industry professionals, and advocates. It showcases innovative products, hosts educational sessions, and serves as a platform for cannabis businesses and activists.

The emerald cup 2015 poster

Emerald Cup - California, USA:

Held in Northern California, the Emerald Cup celebrates cannabis cultivation, sustainability, and community. This festival emphasizes organic growing practices, showcases artisanal products, and promotes discussions on the cannabis industry's future.

The High times cannabis cup poster from 2016

High Times Cannabis Cup - Various Locations:

High Times Cannabis Cup takes place across multiple cities worldwide, including Amsterdam, California, and Michigan. This iconic event features competitions, live music, vendor exhibitions, and awards for the best strains and products.

Cannabis Liberation day 2016 poster

Cannabis Liberation Day - Amsterdam, Netherlands:

This festival focuses on cannabis advocacy, emphasizing legalization, social justice, and responsible use. It includes speakers, music, activism, and a peaceful demonstration advocating for cannabis policy reform.

420 vancouver poster

420 Vancouver - British Columbia, Canada:

Celebrated on April 20th annually, 420 Vancouver is a massive gathering advocating for cannabis legalization and celebrating the cannabis culture. It features live music, speeches, vendor booths, and a peaceful atmosphere advocating for change.


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