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Top 5 Things Around the House You Can Use to Roll

Rolling papers are designed specifically for smoking, but in a pinch, some household items can be used as makeshift rolling papers. However, it's important to note that these alternatives might not provide an optimal smoking experience and could potentially be harmful. Here are five items that can be used as substitutes for rolling papers in emergencies:

Bible joint

Pages from a Bible or Book:

Thin pages from a Bible or a book can be used as makeshift rolling papers. These pages are typically thinner and might work for rolling a small cigarette. However, be mindful of the ink or any chemicals on the paper.

a man holding a corn husk with weed in it

Corn Husks:

Corn husks, especially those that are clean and dry, can be used as an alternative to rolling papers. They can be soaked briefly to soften them, making them more pliable for rolling.

2 rose petal joints sitting on rose petals

Fruit or Vegetable Skin:

Certain fruit or vegetable skins, like banana peels or dried grapefruit or apple peels, might be used in a pinch. However, they are not recommended due to their moisture content and potential flavor alteration.

a man holding a joint made from notebook paper

Receipts or Notebook Paper:

Thin, clean paper from receipts or notebook pages might be used as an emergency substitute for rolling papers. However, these papers often contain chemicals and might produce harsh smoke.

a person holding 4 joints in their hand

Tea Leaves or Corn Silk:

Tea leaves or dried corn silk, if clean and dry, can potentially be used for rolling. However, the texture and burning properties may not be ideal for smoking.

Please note that using these alternatives can potentially release harmful chemicals or alter the taste of the smoke. They might also be harder to roll or burn unevenly, leading to an unpleasant smoking experience. It's always recommended to use proper rolling papers designed for smoking whenever possible to ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience.


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