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Top 7 Cannabis Destinations Outside of the United States

Amsterdam Coffee Shop

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam is renowned for its liberal stance on cannabis. The city's "coffee shops" are famous for offering various strains of marijuana in a relaxed atmosphere, attracting tourists from around the globe.

  2. Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona has seen a surge in cannabis clubs, where members can legally buy and consume cannabis in private spaces. These clubs provide a social setting for cannabis enthusiasts to gather and enjoy different strains.

  3. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Vancouver has a vibrant cannabis culture, with a strong emphasis on both recreational and medicinal use. The city's relaxed attitude towards marijuana has fostered a diverse community of users and advocates.

  4. Montevideo, Uruguay: Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize cannabis, fostering a culture where individuals can grow their own plants or access marijuana through government-regulated dispensaries, promoting a more open approach to consumption.

  5. Medellin, Colombia: While Colombia has a complex history with drug-related issues, there's a growing acceptance of medicinal cannabis. Medellin, known for its resilience, is seeing a shift in attitudes, with initiatives focusing on cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

  6. Jamaica: Jamaica is famous for its association with cannabis, often intertwined with its Rastafarian culture. While it's part of the cultural fabric, the legal framework has been evolving, allowing for some medicinal and religious uses.

  7. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Toronto boasts a diverse cannabis culture. Since Canada legalized recreational marijuana, Toronto has embraced a range of dispensaries, events, and educational initiatives, becoming a hub for cannabis enthusiasts and businesses alike.


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