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What is Pinene?

Pinene has two structural isomers found in nature: A-pinene and B-pinene. As their name implies they are closely associated with pine trees. While a less prolific terpene than those previously covered, pinene has a multitude of practical uses in and out of the cannabis arena.

Where Does Pinene Come From?

You can probably guess where Pinene comes from based on its name. Both forms are found in pine resin as well as many other coniferous plants. Pinene is found in non-coniferous plants as well including camphorweed and big sagebrush. Other more common sources include:

• Basil.

• Dill.

• Parsley.

• Rosemary.

• Pine.

• Spruce.

• Juniper.

The Pinene Flavor Profile

Logically, Pinene would taste like pine tree sap. Some people have described undertones of rosemary, pine nuts, or gin (juniper). Most cannabis strains don't carry enough pinene to affect the flavor profile though.

A-pinene is a colorless oil with a fresh, earthy scent, like a pine forest. Exactly like a pine forest as it's what gives evergreens their distinct smell. B-pinene is distinct in that while having piney undertones, it exhibits a more turpentine-like aroma and a dry resinous taste.

Common Uses

This is where Pinene diverges from the terpenes we've previously discussed. Pinene is commonly used in products like pine-scented cleaners, deodorants, and acne treatments. A-pinene is currently being researched as a potential biofuel source as well.

What Are The Benefits of Pinene?

Pinene has several therapeutic benefits as well:

• Memory efficiency • Increased alertness

• Reduced oil production in the skin

• Anti-cancer properties

• Anti-inflammatory

• Pain relief

• Promotes relaxation

• Promotes respiratory function

• Anti-bacterial properties

• Anti-microbial properties

Drawbacks of Pinene

Some research indicates that Pinene can cause an allergic reaction. While uncommon, contact dermatitis is the most common symptom.

How Much Pinene Should I Take?

Like most terpenes, there are no recognized dosage recommendations available at this time. It's recommended that you contact your doctor and start with small doses, working your way towards a larger dose. If you show signs of an allergic reaction, we recommend suspending use and immediately contacting your doctor.

Pinene and the Entourage Effect

Pinene, a known respiratory aid can enhance the "entourage effect" by allowing more bioactive compounds entry into the bloodstream. Along with its other benefits, Pinene is a great terpene to look for when researching various cannabis strains.

The Take-Away

A clean taste and smell that might not be for everyone, what Pinene lacks in flavor, it more than makes up for in the benefits it provides. Pinene is already a part of your everyday life. If you experience an allergic reaction seek medical attention. Use Pinene to enhance your cannabis experience.

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