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King Louie "Diamond Doobies" THC-A

King Louie "Diamond Doobies" THC-A

Unveiling the regal King Louie Diamond Doobies—a testament to sophistication and potency in cannabis indulgence. Each Diamond Doobie (pack of 5) is a meticulously crafted masterpiece designed to elevate your cannabis experience. This exclusive caviar preroll encapsulates the essence of King Louie, featuring THC-A diamonds delicately infused within premium King Louie flower, coated in D8 cannabinoids, and elegantly rolled in hemp kief.


King Louie, revered for its royal lineage and robust effects, forms the foundation of this luxurious preroll. The premium flower, adorned with THC-A diamonds, promises a majestic high that embodies the strain's renowned potency and deeply relaxing qualities.


Wrapped in a layer of D8 cannabinoids, this preroll amplifies the entourage effect, elevating the regal experience to new heights of euphoria and tranquility. The finishing touch of hemp kief adds a velvety texture and enhances the flavor profile with hints of earthiness, ensuring a smooth and refined smoke.


Indulge in the opulence of King Louie Diamond Doobies, where royalty meets potency. With each exhale, relish the luxurious draw and nuanced taste, as the amalgamation of King Louie's essence, THC-A diamonds, D8 cannabinoids, and hemp kief orchestrates an experience fit for royalty, guiding you through a kingdom of elevated cannabis bliss.

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