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Snoozeberry Delta 9 Full Spectrum Edible 750mg Jar

Snoozeberry Delta 9 Full Spectrum Edible 750mg Jar

Introducing our Snoozeberry D9 Edible, meticulously crafted to enhance your nighttime routine with a blend of D9, CBD, and CBN, each serving offering 50mg of relaxation. This unique combination of cannabinoids creates a tranquil symphony, designed to help you unwind and embrace a restful night's sleep.


Immerse yourself in the delightful essence of Snoozeberry, a flavor profile inspired by a fusion of soothing berries. The calming and sedating qualities of CBN complement the euphoric effects of D9 and the calming influence of CBD, guiding you toward a serene state of mind.


Perfectly tailored for your evening wind-down, each 50mg piece of Snoozeberry D9 Edible offers a delicious invitation to relaxation. Embrace the calming fusion of cannabinoids and the soothing flavor as you prepare for a night of tranquil slumber, one indulgent bite at a time.

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