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Variety Color Bundles

Variety Color Bundles

Elevate your sensory experience with our Vibrant Color Bundle, a meticulously curated collection of flavors designed to tantalize your taste buds. Available in three stunning options - Red, Blue, and Yellow - each bundle offers a unique and immersive journey through a spectrum of deliciously infused products. Whether you're seeking the bold, the sweet, or the exotic, our Vibrant Color Bundle has something to excite every palate.


Blue Bundle


Dive into the refreshing world of our Blue Bundle. This collection is perfect for those who love cool, fruity flavors and includes:


  • Blue Paradise 1000mg Jar: A paradise of blue, this jar delivers a powerful 1000mg of flavor.
  • Blue Slushy 2000mg Incredible Edible: Enjoy a sweet and icy treat with 2000mg of pure indulgence.
  • Berry Blast 5000mg Incredible Edibles: Experience the explosive taste of berries with a whopping 5000mg.
  • Blue Raspberry 150mg D9 Bag: A burst of blue raspberry goodness with 150mg of D9.
  • 2g Grape Runtz Disposable: Smooth and flavorful, the Grape Runtz disposable is a 2g delight.

Red Bundle

Indulge in the vibrant and bold flavors of our Red Bundle. This collection is perfect for those who enjoy rich and tangy tastes:

  • Cherry Limeade 1000mg Jar: A zesty blend of cherry and lime with 1000mg of flavor.
  • Jungle Juice 2000mg Incredible Edible: Get wild with the exotic taste of Jungle Juice, packing 2000mg.
  • Tropical Punch 5000mg Incredible Edible: A powerful punch of tropical flavors with 5000mg.
  • Twisted Cherry 150mg D9 Bag: A twist of cherry bliss with 150mg of D9.
  • 2g Cereal Milk Disposable: Creamy and delicious, the Cereal Milk disposable offers 2g of satisfaction.

Yellow Bundle

Experience the exotic and sunny flavors of our Yellow Bundle. This collection is ideal for those who love bright, tropical tastes:

  • Pineapple 1000mg Jar: Sweet and tangy pineapple with a strong 1000mg punch.
  • Mighty Mango 2000mg Jar: Rich and juicy mango flavor with 2000mg of delight.
  • 2 x 200mg Mango Bags: Double the mango fun with two 200mg bags.
  • Pink Lemonade 150mg D9 Bag: A refreshing burst of pink lemonade with 150mg of D9.
  • 2g Lemon Jack Disposable: Crisp and citrusy, the Lemon Jack disposable offers a refreshing 2g experience.

Each bundle is a celebration of flavor and potency, crafted to provide an unparalleled taste adventure. Choose your favorite color and savor the journey with our Vibrant Color Bundle!

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