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  • Most Common Do’s and Don’ts When Using Delta-8 THC

    Most Common Do’s and Don’ts When Using Delta-8 THC Delta-8 THC is perhaps the second most popular psychoactive cannabinoid in the world, after delta-9 THC, of course. Its soothing, relatively mild high is extremely versatile and easy to enjoy at any time of day, while it’s conveniently simple to purchase online in a wide array of tantalizing product types, strains and more. If you’re ready to give delta-8 a try, then you’re going to want to know some of the basic “rules” ahead of time. These rules aren’t hard to follow, as they exist merely to make sure that you enjoy this cannabinoid as much as possible, even as a total beginner. Do: Choose the Right Manufacturer First off, know that not all delta-8 products are created equally. Each company has their own quality standards, and so you’ll want to research a brand before buying from them to know you’re getting the highest-quality, purest delta-8 that there is. Look through reviews, and even read up on a company’s manufacturing processes through their website. Do: Look for Lab Reports Before buying any hemp product, always look through the company’s website for third-party lab reports. This indicates that the product you’re about to buy has been lab-tested by a state-authorized third-party laboratory, for purity, cannabinoid and terpene profiles, safety, federal compliance and more. Without these lab reports, you have no way of even knowing that the delta-8 is legitimate. Do: Consider the Strain (if Applicable) If you’re going with a delta-8 product type that comes in a selection of strains, such as flower or vape cartridges, then consider each strain carefully, since each one can produce surprisingly different effects based on its terpene profile. Indica strains, for instance, tend to be more mellowing, while some sativa strains can make you feel motivated and uplifted. This is important since you may want a strain for bedtime, and so a certain sativa strain would be a bad choice. Do: Know What Delivery Method You’re Working With Delta-8 comes in different delivery methods, affecting how it absorbs into the body. Delta-8 products that are inhaled, such as flower and vapes, can kick in within just minutes, with a potent high that lasts for a couple of hours. Edibles, like gummies, can take up to 2 or even more hours to fully take effect, with milder effects and a stronger body high for up to 8 hours. So, needless to say, you’ll want to consider your delivery method wisely. Do: Start Out Easy Delta-8 is intoxicating, and like with any intoxicating substance, you’ll want to go slow to develop your tolerance. As a beginner, it’s easy to get too high, and while this isn’t necessarily dangerous, it can be overwhelming since you’re not used to the sensation that psychoactive cannabinoids provide. So, start out by following the directions on the product’s label to know that you’re taking the appropriate amount for a beginner, and increase the amount you take only as desired and tolerated. Don’t: Be Impatient While It’s “Kicking in” Because it can take a little while for certain products to kick in, you want to wait before taking more because you feel like your last dose didn’t do anything. This is especially true of edibles, which can take hours before you feel any effects, depending on how much you’ve eaten prior especially. Wait the appropriate amount of time before considering that you need to take more of the same product. Don’t: Drive After Taking Delta-8 THC Delta-8 is an intoxicating substance, and what that means is that you cannot drive while under the influence of it, under any circumstances. While delta-8 is federally legal, driving while intoxicated on any substance is not, and can lead to harsh penalties. Besides that, it's dangerous because it can cause impairment. Don’t: Take Delta-8 if You Have an Upcoming Drug Test Delta-8 THC is metabolized by an enzyme known as “THC-COOH” in the body. This enzyme also breaks down delta-9 THC, the key component of marijuana. Drug tests that are urine-based are looking for traces of THC-COOH, not traces of marijuana. Basically, this means that taking delta-8 puts you at a good risk of failing a drug test. So, if you do have a drug test coming up for your employment or other aspect of your livelihood, it’s not worth risking a failed test result when you can just wait until another time to try the cannabinoid. Don’t: Assume All Psychoactive Cannabinoids are Alike Even if you’ve tried other psychoactive cannabinoids like delta-9 THC, delta-10 THC, THC-O, etc., delta-8 THC, like all cannabinoids, is one of a kind. Its high is unique in that it offers more soothing effects that are milder than those of delta-9, and so it’s absolutely worth trying. You may very well find that delta-8 is the perfect cannabinoid for your needs, or that it serves a unique purpose in your routine alongside other cannabinoids that you’ve already incorporated into your rotation. Follow These Tips for a Successful Delta-8 Experience The key to getting the most enjoyment out of your delta-8 session is to know the basic do’s and don’ts that ensure you end up with the perfect product for your needs and take it in the most responsible and satisfying way possible. Now that you know the common rules with delta-8, you can find the perfect product for your needs at Top Shelf Hemp Co. For More Info on Delta-8 THC & Delta-8 THC, visit

  • Which Top Shelf THCP Vape Strain Should I Choose?

    Which Top Shelf THCP Vape Strain Should I Choose? Of all of the ways to enjoy THCp, it seems like the majority prefer vaping it. At Top Shelf Hemp Co, you can vape your way to THCp bliss in one of two ways: through a convenient, maintenance-free disposable vape pen, or through a powerful, top-of-the-line pre-filled vape cartridge that attaches to any standard vape pen. Both of these product types give you the same experience: a particularly powerful, fast-acting high with the intense potency of this newly discovered cannabinoid. TSHC THCp vapes come in a variety of strains that you can choose from. Each strain is determined by its terpene profile, and this determines the nuances of the high’s effects, along with the unique flavor profile that you enjoy with each puff. You may be surprised by just how much the strain influences your high. For instance, sativa and sativa-dominant strains can give you powerful uplifting effects that make you feel motivated and focused, and even ready to take on the day. Indica and indica-dominant strains can be more soothing, and great for those times when you want to be lazy, forget about your troubles and sink into the couch. Good Move to Choose Your THCp Strain Wisely Given all of that, it’s important to really think about the strain that you’d like to try when choosing a THCp vape. We offer the same strain selection in both disposable vape and vape cart form, so consider each one below to find which best matches your needs. Champagne Kush Champagne Kush is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid that also goes by the name “Champagne.” It has a moderate potency level, and while its parents are a bit mysterious, it seems to have Hindu Kush and Afghani in its lineage, giving it something of an air of prestige. Unsurprisingly, its flavor profile is reminiscent of champagne, with a sort of light and airy citrusy taste that’s dry rather than sweet. Many people say that Champagne Kush makes them feel giddy, and even gives them the giggles, with a smile that can’t be wiped off their face. It offers a tingly body buzz that makes you feel completely soothed without the couchlock, and also is great for tired or tense muscles. The cerebral effects are very euphoric, and you’ll likely feel like you don’t have a care in the world as it erases your negative thoughts and lets you enjoy the present moment. Trainwreck A sativa-dominant hybrid that’s almost pure sativa, Trainwreck is one strain that really lives up to its name, crashing into you with little warning. Even though it’s not the most potent strain in the world, it hits you so fast and strong that it doesn’t matter. Its flavor profile is that of freshly squeezed lemon and pine, which is quite gentle for such a powerful force. Trainwreck comes from a cross between Mexican, Thai and Afghani strains. Its body high feels nice and soothing throughout the muscles, and while it won’t cause couchlock, it will put your body at ease. It’s the cerebral high that’s quite unique, offering enhanced mental activity that can make you feel creative, inventive and extremely optimistic about life. Sour Tangie Sour Tangie is a beloved sativa-dominant hybrid that gets its name from its mouthwatering flavor profile of bright and tart citrus notes, with subtle notes of diesel. The strain offers a big burst of creative euphoria, while you feel more and more focused and motivated. You may be inspired to take on a creative project or complete a task around the house, as a feeling of tingling warmth takes over each muscle. You may notice a nice boost in the beginning, but that body high eventually makes you feel lazy, making it a great strain for an afternoon spent with your favorite video games. Choose the Best THCp Strain for Your Vaping Goals At Top Shelf Hemp Co, we carefully selected each strain for our THCp vapes, to make sure to offer the ideal variety to our customers.Each strain has what it takes to deliver powerful satisfaction, and of course the intense high for which THCp is known.So, think about each one above, and select the one that best matches what it is that you desire out of your THCp vaping sessions. For More Info on THCP & THCP products, visit

  • Quick and Simple Ways to Light Your Pre-Roll

    Quick and Simple Ways to Light Your Pre-Roll Pre-rolls have emerged on the hemp market to make our lives much, much easier. So many of us love nothing more than smoking our favorite hemp flower products out of paper, but at the same time, few will argue that the process of rolling our own is something of a pain. Even if you have those rolling skills down, the time it takes makes for a tedious hobby, and one that’s particularly difficult to do when we’re away from home. Now, we have pre-rolls, which mean that we don’t need to do anything but take one out of the package, light it up and inhale. While this does allow for an almost effortless smoking session, there’s still one important process we need to follow, which is lighting it. And, you may be surprised by how many people fail to light their pre-roll correctly, which is why these tips below can really come in handy. Tip #1: Prevent Canoeing The most common issue that people run into when lighting their pre-roll is “canoeing.” This means that one side of the pre-roll burns faster than the other, and so you end up missing out on some quality puffs. What causes canoeing is lighting one side more thoroughly than the other, so the two sides of the pre-roll are burning at different rates. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent. The next time you go to light the end of your pre-roll, gently twist the pre-roll back and forth in your fingers while holding the flame against it. This makes sure that the flame makes even contact with the entire end so that you get an even burn. Tip #2: Start Inhaling Immediately Another common complaint that people run into is that their flame keeps going out while they’re smoking. This is usually caused by failing to light the pre-roll enough. What you want to do is inhale as soon as the flame touches the pre-roll, and take several quick, shallow puffs until you get a nice pull of smoke. Tip #3: Hold the Flame Against it Longer Than You Think You Need to Just like the above, you’ll need to hold the flame against your pre-roll’s end longer than you think you need to in order to ensure that it’s thoroughly lit. Just because the pre-roll starts to burn doesn’t mean that it’s lit enough for the combustion to sustain itself. We can’t tell you exactly how long to light your pre-roll, but with some practice, you’ll develop an instinct for it. Tip #4: Avoid Using a Match Finally, we strongly recommend against using a match to light your pre-roll unless you’re in serious pinch. While a match can certainly do a good enough job, the problem is that the sulfur in a match can ruin the taste of your flower by getting mixed in with the terpenes. What this means is that you won’t be able to enjoy the unique flavor profile of your strain to its fullest potential. The most common way to light a pre-roll is using a traditional lighter, and those can be purchased at any convenience store. Follow These Tips for the Ultimate Smoke The nature of pre-rolls makes them a bit more finicky during the lighting process than, say, a cigarette, but with practice you’ll be able to enjoy a slow and even burn that allows you to really savor each and every puff of smoke. Make a point to follow these tips closely to get as much out of each pre-roll as possible. For More Information, visit & check out our amazing pre roll selection!

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