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The Top 5 Scary Movies to Watch While You're Stoned

Picture this: it's a cozy night in, you've got your favorite strain of cannabis, and you're in the mood for a spine-chilling movie experience. What could be better than combining the euphoria of being stoned with the thrill of a scary movie? If you're a fan of the elevated horror experience, you're in for a treat. We've curated a list of the top five scary movies that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of fear, suspense, and mind-bending visuals while you're enjoying your favorite herb. Grab your snacks, pack your bowl, and get ready for a cinematic journey that will leave you questioning reality.

"Hereditary" (2018)

Kick off your stoned movie night with a cinematic masterpiece that will haunt your dreams for weeks. "Hereditary" is a slow-burning horror film that delves into the complexities of family dynamics while delivering some genuinely terrifying moments. Director Ari Aster crafts a visually stunning and emotionally charged story, making excellent use of suspenseful pacing and eerie imagery. As you watch, you'll find yourself questioning what's real and what's a product of the characters' unraveling sanity, creating an immersive experience that's perfect for an altered state of mind.

"Midsommar" (2019)

Prepare yourself for a psychedelic journey into the heart of a disturbing pagan cult with "Midsommar." Director Ari Aster strikes again with this visually striking and emotionally intense horror film. The movie's bright, sun-soaked visuals contrast sharply with the dark themes, creating a sense of unease that's amplified when you're stoned. The film's surreal atmosphere and thought-provoking symbolism will keep you glued to the screen, making it an ideal choice for a mind-expanding movie night.

"The Shining" (1980)

No list of scary movies is complete without Stanley Kubrick's classic adaptation of Stephen King's novel. "The Shining" is a masterpiece of psychological horror, delving into the descent into madness of a family isolated in a haunted hotel. Kubrick's meticulous attention to detail, combined with Jack Nicholson's iconic performance, creates an atmosphere of dread that's both captivating and terrifying. Watching this film while stoned will allow you to appreciate the intricate storytelling and haunting visuals on a whole new level.

"It Follows" (2014)

For a modern take on the horror genre, "It Follows" offers a fresh and innovative approach to fear. This film explores the concept of a relentless supernatural entity that passes from person to person through sexual contact, creating a constant sense of impending doom. The movie's synth-heavy soundtrack and retro aesthetic add to the overall sense of unease, making it a perfect choice for a night of stoned movie-watching. "It Follows" will keep you on the edge of your seat, questioning every shadow and every stranger.

"Annihilation" (2018)

If you're looking for a mind-bending, visually stunning experience, "Annihilation" should be at the top of your list. This science fiction horror film, directed by Alex Garland, follows a group of scientists investigating a mysterious and otherworldly phenomenon known as "The Shimmer." The film's surreal and hypnotic visuals, combined with its existential themes and thought-provoking narrative, make it a must-watch for anyone craving a unique and intellectually stimulating horror experience. When you're stoned, the film's abstract concepts and mesmerizing imagery will captivate your mind and leave you questioning the nature of reality.

So there you have it, the top five scary movies to watch while you're stoned. Whether you prefer the classic horror of "The Shining," the mind-bending visuals of "Annihilation," or the psychological depth of "Hereditary," each film on this list offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Grab your favorite strain, dim the lights, and let yourself be immersed in the terrifying worlds these films have to offer. Just remember, it's only a movie... or is it?

Happy watching, and may your stoned movie night be filled with spine-tingling thrills and unforgettable scares!

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