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Top 5 Cannabis Restaurants in the USA

lowell cafe in west hollywood

Lowell Cafe - West Hollywood, California:

The first cannabis cafe in the United States, Lowell Cafe offers a unique dining experience where patrons can enjoy cannabis alongside a menu curated to complement the flavors of different strains. They serve cannabis-infused meals and offer a space for social consumption.

The original cannabis cafe in los angeles California

The Original Cannabis Cafe - Los Angeles, California:

This cafe provides a space for both experienced and novice cannabis consumers to enjoy meals and beverages with cannabis. They offer a diverse menu of cannabis-infused dishes, desserts, and beverages.

Bud and breakfast restaurant in colorado

Bud & Breakfast - Denver, Colorado:

While not a traditional restaurant, Bud & Breakfast offers cannabis-friendly lodging with infused breakfast options and a welcoming environment for cannabis enthusiasts. Guests can enjoy infused meals prepared by hosts during their stay.

gron cafe in portland oregon

Grön Restaurant - Portland, Oregon:

Grön focuses on incorporating CBD and cannabis extracts into their dishes, creating a menu that highlights the potential wellness benefits of cannabinoids. They offer a range of CBD-infused foods, desserts, and beverages.

Nuwu cannabis market in las vegas nevada

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace - Las Vegas, Nevada:

The NuWu Cannabis Tasting Room within the marketplace allows visitors to sample a variety of cannabis products, including edibles and drinks. While not a traditional restaurant, it offers a tasting experience with cannabis-infused products.


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