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What is Cannabis Yoga, and How Does it Help?

Updated: Jan 12

A small stack of smooth stones on a rocky beachfront

Cannabis yoga is a cannabis-infused form of yoga that combines cannabis use with traditional yoga practice, although the use of cannabis isn’t mandatory in cannabis-infused yoga classes. Cannabis can be used in various forms such as vaping, smoking, or ingesting edibles to enhance the experience of yoga. Advocates for cannabis-infused yoga claim that it brings about spiritual healing and heightened awareness during meditation and poses. It has been described as being an immersive experience that helps focus one's attention on their physical body and its sensations while calming the mind from anxieties and stressors.

The use of cannabis is used to enhance the experience of practicing yoga and can provide multiple benefits, including increased relaxation, pain relief, and improved mindfulness. Cannabis yogis sometimes use cannabis either before or during their practice as an aid for heightened focus and enhanced creativity during poses.

Additionally, cannabis can provide physical relief from painful poses like Warrior II or Triangle Pose by helping to relax tight muscles. Cannabis Yoga also has many mental benefits such as increasing relaxation and reducing stress levels; allowing you to stay present in your practice and deepening the connection between mind and body. As cannabis continues to grow in popularity it’s becoming more accepted in the wellness community as a helpful tool for cultivating deeper, more meaningful yoga practices. In the right setting, cannabis yoga can be a powerful practice and a great way to stay connected to your body and mind. As with all cannabis use, it’s important to be mindful of dosage and settings when participating in cannabis yoga.

Always remember to start slow and small – no matter how experienced you might be!


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