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Baja Bliss Delta 9 Full Spectrum Edible 750mg Jar

Baja Bliss Delta 9 Full Spectrum Edible 750mg Jar

Discover the ultimate bliss in every bite with our Baja Bliss D9 Edible, where each delectable piece is packed with 50mg of D9, CBD, and CBG. This harmonious blend of cannabinoids offers a symphony of effects, combining the euphoria of D9, the calming nature of CBD, and the mood-enhancing qualities of CBG.


Inspired by the invigorating taste of Baja Blast, our Baja Bliss flavor captivates your senses with a tropical and citrusy melody. Indulge in a mini getaway with each bite as the flavors transport you to a world of tranquility.


Designed for those seeking a moment of relaxation or a journey into euphoria, our 50mg Baja Bliss D9 Edible promises an experience that transcends the ordinary. Embrace the fusion of cannabinoids and tantalizing flavor as you embark on a blissful adventure, one bite at a time.

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