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Forbidden Fruit 2g THC-A Diamonds and Sauce

Forbidden Fruit 2g THC-A Diamonds and Sauce

Introducing our exclusive 2g jar of concentrates, meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional dabbing experience. Each jar contains half a gram of potent THC-A diamonds harmoniously blended with a rich and flavorful sauce composed of a gram and a half of Delta-8 (D8).


Indulge in the captivating essence of Forbidden Fruit, the next flavor in our exclusive line of concentrates. This strain-specific concentrate unveils a luscious blend of flavors, seamlessly integrating the tantalizing Forbidden Fruit strain with the exquisite combination of half a gram of THC-A diamonds and a gram and a half of Delta-8 (D8).


Embark on a sensory journey with the allure of Forbidden Fruit, delivering a palate-pleasing mix of tropical and citrus notes intertwined with the robust effects of THC-A diamonds. Each dab of Forbidden Fruit concentrate encapsulates the harmonious fusion of cannabinoids, promising an elevated experience for connoisseurs seeking both flavorful and potent concentrates.


Enjoy the delectable flavors and effects this Forbidden Fruit concentrate offers, providing a unique and enticing option for dabbing enthusiasts craving a blend of fruity sweetness and cannabinoid potency.

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