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Green Crack THCA Flower

Green Crack THCA Flower

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Green Crack, a THC-A strain that immediately captivates with its vibrant appearance. Its buds, bursting with vivacious shades of green, are punctuated by fiery orange hairs and coated generously with a glimmering layer of crystalline trichomes.


The aroma is a lively fusion of citrus and tropical notes, reminiscent of a sunny orchard in full bloom. Inhaling its essence reveals a zesty and invigorating profile where the tangy citrus takes center stage, complemented by subtle undertones of tropical fruits. Each exhale is an energizing exploration, leaving a refreshing sweetness lingering on the palate.


Green Crack isn't just about its tantalizing taste; it delivers an invigorating experience. With its elevated levels of THC-A, this strain offers a potent and uplifting high, perfect for those seeking a burst of creative energy. As its effects unfold, a surge of mental clarity and focus sweeps over, infusing both mind and body with an electrifying sense of motivation.


Embark on the spirited adventure of Green Crack for an experience that transcends expectations, offering a sensory escapade that ignites the senses and invigorates the mind.

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