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Lemon Jack "Fx Blend" 2g Disposable

Lemon Jack "Fx Blend" 2g Disposable

Embark on a citrusy adventure with our Lemon Jack flavored 2g disposable vape device, designed to offer a refreshing and invigorating vaping experience. This disposable vape showcases the vibrant Lemon Jack strain's essence, expertly fused with a sophisticated blend of cannabinoids.


The Lemon Jack disposable vape features zesty and tangy lemon notes intertwined with the natural earthy undertones of Jack Herer, creating a harmonious fusion of flavors. This strain-specific blend, coupled with our unique cannabinoid mix, promises a rejuvenating and uplifting vape encounter.


Enter a realm of THC-V, THC-P, and Delta 8 within our groundbreaking disposable. Unveil the unique attributes of THC-V, harness the potential of THC-P, and revel in the uplifting effects of Delta 8—all integrated seamlessly in one innovative formula.


With adjustable airflow for personalized draws, a convenient USB-C charging port for hassle-free recharging, and a preheat button to optimize your vaping sessions, this disposable device delivers both convenience and customization. Whether you seek a burst of citrusy refreshment or a boost in mood, the Lemon Jack disposable vape ensures a smooth and flavorful vaping journey.


Experience the bright and citrusy Lemon Jack flavors harmonized with a well-balanced blend of cannabinoids, providing a distinctive and enjoyable vaping experience in a convenient and user-friendly disposable device.

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