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Lemon Skunk 2g THC-A Diamonds and Sauce

Lemon Skunk 2g THC-A Diamonds and Sauce

Introducing our exclusive 2g jar of concentrates, meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional dabbing experience. Each jar contains half a gram of potent THC-A diamonds harmoniously blended with a rich and flavorful sauce composed of a gram and a half of Delta-8 (D8).


Dive into the invigorating and citrusy essence of Lemon Skunk, the first flavor in our premium concentrate collection. This strain-specific concentrate offers a zesty and refreshing aroma coupled with the robust effects of THC-A diamonds infused into the balanced D8 sauce. Experience the tangy and uplifting qualities of lemon fused with the harmonious synergy of cannabinoids, promising a unique and enjoyable dabbing session.


Each dab of Lemon Skunk concentrate embodies the fusion of potent THC-A diamonds and our carefully blended D8 sauce, ensuring a well-rounded and flavorful encounter with cannabinoids. Elevate your dabbing experience with this exquisite flavor profile, ideal for enthusiasts seeking a refreshing and mood-enhancing session.

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