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"Multi-Pack" Blend 3 Pack Cartridges

"Multi-Pack" Blend 3 Pack Cartridges

Introducing our "Multi-Pack" Blend 3-pack of 1g cartridges, meticulously crafted to deliver the essence of three distinctive strains: King Louis, Headband, and Platinum OG. Each strain presents a unique flavor profile and effect, perfectly encapsulated in high-potency cartridges designed to elevate your experience.


King Louis - Hybrid Power Blend: Experience the harmonious balance of King Louis, a hybrid strain known for its relaxing yet uplifting properties. Our cartridge features the Hybrid Power Blend, carefully curated to provide a well-rounded experience ideal for both relaxation and productivity.


Headband - Sativa Power Blend: Embrace the invigorating effects of Headband, a sativa-dominant strain renowned for its cerebral and creative stimulation. Our Headband cartridge contains the Sativa Power Blend, offering an energizing and mood-enhancing experience.


Platinum OG - Indica Power Blend: Indulge in the soothing embrace of Platinum OG, an indica strain celebrated for its calming and sedative effects. Our Platinum OG cartridge embodies the Indica Power Blend, delivering deep relaxation and tranquility.


Each cartridge within this 3-pack is crafted using a full-spectrum blend, ensuring a comprehensive and rich cannabinoid experience. From the uplifting and creative effects of sativa to the relaxing and calming properties of indica, this collection caters to a spectrum of preferences while maintaining high potency.


Elevate your vaping experience with our "Multi-Pack" Blend 3-pack, designed to provide the unique essence of each strain in a convenient and potent cartridge.

    PriceFrom $40.00

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