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Sativa "Recharge" Blend 3 Pack Cartridges

Sativa "Recharge" Blend 3 Pack Cartridges

Introducing our Sativa Power Blend 3-pack, curated to provide an invigorating and creative experience with three exceptional strains: White Fire OG, Headband, and Chemdawg. Each strain within this collection embodies the essence of sativa, offering distinct flavors and effects that cater to heightened focus, energy, and upliftment.


White Fire OG: Ignite your senses with White Fire OG, known for its euphoric and stimulating qualities. This strain, included in our Sativa Power Blend, delivers a citrusy and earthy flavor profile coupled with an uplifting cerebral experience.


Headband: Experience the legendary Headband strain, renowned for its potential to induce a cerebral, euphoric high that uplifts the mind. In our Sativa Power Blend, Headband delivers a delightful blend of diesel-like and citrus flavors, elevating your senses.


Chemdawg: Delve into the creativity-enhancing effects of Chemdawg, a strain celebrated for its potent and mood-boosting qualities. Our Sativa Power Blend features Chemdawg, offering a pungent diesel aroma and a lemony, piney taste that invigorates the senses.


This 3-pack of Sativa Power Blend cartridges provides a dynamic range of flavors and effects, ideal for those seeking an energizing and stimulating experience. Crafted with precision, each strain captures the essence of sativa, promoting creativity, productivity, and a blissful state of mind.


Elevate your vaping experience with our Sativa Power Blend 3-pack, delivering the signature characteristics of White Fire OG, Headband, and Chemdawg in a convenient and potent cartridge set.

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