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Skywalker OG "Quick Hitts" THC-P Preroll Multipack

Skywalker OG "Quick Hitts" THC-P Preroll Multipack

Indulge in the cosmic experience of Skywalker OG "Quick Hitts" caviar preroll, a meticulously crafted blend designed to elevate your senses. Each handcrafted preroll is a symphony of premium cannabis, carefully infused with THC-P, and D8, delivering an otherworldly high like no other.


Inspired by the iconic Skywalker OG strain, this artisanal preroll boasts a potent combination of cannabinoids, blending the robust euphoria of THC-P with the smooth, cerebral effects of HHC and the mellow relaxation of D8. Encased in a rich layer of caviar, the high-quality flower is coated with a concentrated dose of these cutting-edge cannabinoids, ensuring a powerful and long-lasting experience.


Experience the force of Skywalker OG "Quick Hitts," meticulously curated for connoisseurs seeking a next-level cannabis encounter. Ignite your journey into euphoria and relaxation with each puff of this celestial blend, transcending boundaries and embracing the galaxies of possibility.

    PriceFrom $35.00

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