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Sour Tangie THC-P 1g Disposable

Sour Tangie THC-P 1g Disposable

Experience a zestful journey with our Sour Tangie THC-P infused 1-gram iKrusher disposable vape, meticulously crafted to offer a dynamic and invigorating vaping encounter. This disposable vape device features a specially formulated blend that includes THC-P alongside a curated selection of complementary cannabinoids.


The Sour Tangie THC-P disposable vape introduces a citrus-forward flavor profile, combining the tangy zest of tangerine with the sour notes of its parent strains. This invigorating flavor profile, coupled with the unique properties of THC-P, promises a distinctive and revitalizing vape session, offering a balance between uplifting effects and citrusy refreshment.


Crafted for convenience and discretion, the iKrusher disposable vape boasts a sleek and portable design, providing ease of use and discretion for on-the-go enjoyment. With the precision-engineered heating element and a reliable build, this device ensures a consistent and smooth vaping experience with each draw.


Indulge in the lively citrus flavors and distinct effects of Sour Tangie enhanced by the innovative THC-P blend, delivering an invigorating and tailored vaping experience within the user-friendly iKrusher disposable vape device.

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