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Variety "FX Blend" 3 Pack Carts

Variety "FX Blend" 3 Pack Carts

Introducing Our 3 x 3-Pack Cartridges


Experience a trifecta of delightful flavors with our 3 x 3-Pack Cartridges, offering a versatile selection of premium cannabis concentrates. Each cartridge trio contains a tantalizing array of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and elevate your cannabis experience. Here's what you'll discover in this pack:


1. Lemon Jack Cartridge Trio:


Embark on a citrusy adventure with our Lemon Jack cartridge trio. Each package features three cartridges infused with the zesty and invigorating flavor of Lemon Jack, offering a refreshing and potentially uplifting vaping experience.


2. Platinum Cookies Cartridge Trio:


Indulge in decadence with our Platinum Cookies cartridge trio. Enjoy the convenience of three cartridges, each brimming with the sweet and luxurious taste of Platinum Cookies, delivering a rich and potentially relaxing vaping experience.


3. Ice Cream Cake Cartridge Trio:


Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Ice Cream Cake cartridge trio. Three cartridges await you, each filled with the delectable essence of Ice Cream Cake, offering a delightful and potentially euphoric vaping experience reminiscent of dessert.


Whether you're craving the zesty notes of Lemon Jack, the luxurious sweetness of Platinum Cookies, or the dessert-like goodness of Ice Cream Cake, our 3-Pack of 3-Pack Cartridges caters to a wide range of cannabis enthusiasts. Each trio of cartridges is expertly crafted to provide you with a premium vaping experience, allowing you to savor the flavors while exploring the potential benefits.

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