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Top 5 DIY Cannabis Crafts to Try While High

There's something inherently therapeutic about engaging in creative activities while enjoying the soothing effects of cannabis. Whether you're exploring new artistic endeavors or channeling your inner craftsperson, cannabis can enhance your creativity and elevate your experience to new heights. From handmade accessories to decorative home accents, there's a wide array of DIY cannabis crafts waiting to be explored. So, roll up your favorite strain, gather your supplies, and embark on a journey of creativity and self-expression with these top five DIY cannabis crafts.

  1. Hemp Jewelry Making: Get creative with hemp cord and beads to craft your own unique jewelry pieces. From bracelets and necklaces to anklets and keychains, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with different knotting techniques and color combinations, all while enjoying the calming effects of cannabis.

  2. Cannabis Leaf Pressed Art: Harness the natural beauty of cannabis leaves by creating pressed art pieces. Gather fresh cannabis leaves and press them between heavy books or in a flower press until they're dried and flattened. Once dried, use them to create stunning botanical artwork, greeting cards, bookmarks, or framed wall decor.

  3. DIY Cannabis Candles: Infuse your home with the soothing scent of cannabis by making your own cannabis-infused candles. Melt soy wax and mix in cannabis essential oil or dried cannabis flowers to create fragrant and calming candles. Customize your candles with different scents, colors, and containers for a truly personalized touch.

  4. Hand-Painted Cannabis Plant Pots: Add a touch of greenery to your space with hand-painted cannabis plant pots. Decorate plain terracotta pots with cannabis-themed designs using acrylic paints or paint markers. Get creative with patterns, colors, and motifs inspired by your favorite strains, and then use your custom pots to house your indoor plants.

  5. Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs: Treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience with homemade cannabis-infused bath bombs. Combine baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salts, and cannabis-infused oil to create fizzy and aromatic bath bombs that soothe the mind and body. Customize your bath bombs with essential oils, dried flowers, or herbs for added relaxation.

These DIY cannabis crafts offer a creative and fulfilling way to spend your high while producing unique and personalized creations. So, roll up your sleeves, tap into your creative side, and let cannabis inspire your next crafting adventure.


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