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Cereal Milk 3 Pack Cartridges

Cereal Milk 3 Pack Cartridges

Experience the nostalgic delight of Cereal Milk with our exclusive 3-pack of 1 gram carts. This blend, featuring a harmonious combination of Delta-8, Delta-10, encapsulates the essence of Cereal Milk, promising a flavorful and versatile cannabis encounter.


Immerse yourself in the reminiscent flavor of breakfast cereals soaked in milk, recreated in each draw. Crafted with a blend of Delta-8 and Delta-10, this formulation offers a balanced fusion of subtle euphoria and comprehensive effects, mirroring the playful essence of Cereal Milk contributing to a well-rounded and enjoyable sensation that enhances the overall encounter.


Each 1 gram cart is meticulously crafted for purity, consistency, and an effortless draw, ensuring a satisfying cloud with every puff. Embrace the nostalgia of Cereal Milk in this perfectly packaged trio, elevating your cannabis experience to a whimsical journey down memory lane.

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    $21.00Sale Price

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