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Cherry Pie "Diamond Doobies" THC-A

Cherry Pie "Diamond Doobies" THC-A

Introducing Cherry Pie Diamond Doobies, a luxurious revelation in cannabis indulgence. Each Diamond Doobie (pack of 5) is an exquisite creation meticulously designed to redefine your cannabis journey. This exclusive caviar preroll captures the essence of Cherry Pie, featuring THC-A diamonds delicately infused within premium Cherry Pie flower, enrobed in D8 cannabinoids, and meticulously rolled in a velvety coat of hemp kief.


Cherry Pie, celebrated for its delightful aroma and harmonious blend of parent strains, forms the heart of this luxurious preroll. The premium flower, enriched with embedded THC-A diamonds, promises an indulgent high that embodies the strain's renowned euphoria and calming effects.


Embraced by a layer of D8 cannabinoids, this preroll intensifies the entourage effect, enhancing the luxurious experience to new dimensions of euphoria and relaxation. The addition of hemp kief not only ensures a smooth burn but also enriches the flavor profile with subtle earthy notes, providing a refined and opulent smoking experience.


Savor the opulence of Cherry Pie Diamond Doobies, where sophistication meets potency. With each inhale, immerse yourself in the rich draw and intricate flavors, as the fusion of Cherry Pie's essence, THC-A diamonds, D8 cannabinoids, and hemp kief orchestrates an unparalleled experience, guiding you through a realm of elevated cannabis bliss.

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